Christmas inspired: best blog finds

Christmas mood

For me it was the first white Christmas in many, many years. It started snowing the day we got our Christmas tree and hasn't stopped since. In fact, it was snowing every other day, including today and every time the snow looked somewhat different. I am applying my energy to studying the kinds and manners of snow (that's just about as productive as I can get at this time of year). And do you know what I found? Snow is both an excellent motive to go out for a long and chilly walk inevitably followed by a steaming cup of mulled wine or hot chocolate and a perfect excuse to stay home, wrapped in a soft plaid, and alternate between watching movies and reading good blogs. So, here are my most inspiring Christmas finds.  

Get inspired: the waiting season

Winter hot chocolate

I love winter. I love its slow pace. I love having time to notice and appreciate life's little wonders. I love looking into the chilly darkness on my way home and see it flicker and wink back at me with holiday lights. I love taking season's decorations out of their box, finding postcards in my mail, counting days until Christmas. I love re-reading old favourites. No new books until January! is my strict December rule. I love waiting. I really enjoy waiting for good things.  

Sunday morning when nothing happened

View of Montreal

It was a Sunday morning. It was one of those Sundays when nothing happened, when nothing was ever supposed to happen, nothing at all. What could ever happen on Sunday? Except that the weather people said it would be the last warm weekend of autumn and the leaves were all shades of red and yellow and yellowish red and quiet waters of Saint Lawrence river looked almost perfectly blue. It was a fine day for taking chances, and changing plans on a whim. A day for letting things happen and letting go. It was a good day for strolling sleepy streets of Montreal on my own, looking for an open café, waiting for a friend, who accepted my sudden invitation for breakfast.  



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