What’s happening with Fairies & Co

Photo and artwork by Elina Ellis

You might have noticed that Fairies & Co have not been very active this past year. We’ve been through ups and downs, old problems, new beginnings. We have parted ways with some of our original team members and found some new friends along the way. We have done a lot of thinking and soul searching. We have asked ourselves whether we still have time and energy and ideas, whether, after all, we still believe in magic. On the New Year's eve I came across a Bored Panda article called "20+ Photos That Prove 2015 Wasn't the Worst Year After All".   

All Stand Still


I know you have been there before. One month, two airfares, a glimpse of spring, two awful hope-killing snowstorms just when you thought winter was already over, half-dozen of lines written, erased and written over, zero stories. Silence. A whole month of silence. First you tell myself it’s nothing major, just a stutter, a long-needed pause in a daily routine of writing, thinking, creating, arguing, laughing, talking with yourself. You say to yourself, it will pass. But it doesn’t.   

Kinfolk and the art of storytelling

Kinfolk and coffee

Excuse me, I am looking for an issue of Kinfolk magazine, - I asked a guy in my favorite bookshop. A Kinfolk magazine? We don't have a magazine! But we have a book, - he added after some hesitation. The website said you had a magazine. - I barely ever speak to strangers, let alone confront them, but finding Kinfolk in the labyrinth of post-Christmas city by -20 degrees was a difficult quest and I was not giving up.