St Valentine’s Day Ideas and Inspiration

Ideas for St Valentine's

Can you believe it's almost February? Which means St Valentine's day is already lingering in the distance winking and blowing us kisses. It is one of my favourite days of the year. There are lots of things worth celebrating, but love should be on the top of the list. It's hard to come up with something original for St. Valentine's, but I diligently rummaged Pinterest for cute ideas and inspiration and look what I found.  

The Magic of Pinterest

Fairies and Co pinterest account

I am often asked what resources I use on a daily basis for my illustration career. What websites, social platforms or blogs I turn to for help and inspiration. For a long time I answered with a long list of very useful links. Now I answer with one word - Pinterest. I am a visual learner. I relate to the world through images. My ideas, my plans, my dreams are images in my head. And I am constantly image-hungry. I am looking for textures and patterns, interesting compositions, faces, poses, colours and moods. I am looking for a spark, an idea, a sign. Even when I don't know what I am looking for exactly, I just flick through inspiring images until I see something that moves me, something that triggers my own imagination.  

5 Creative Ways to Wrap Presents from Pinterest

Christmas gift wrapping ideas

I am sure most of us are wrapping presents or attempting to wrap presents this week. I know I am. This month I rummaged through Pinterest for new trends and uncommon ideas and, of course created a whole board dedicated to great gift wrappings. I selected several truly brilliant ideas that have inspired me and, I hope, will inspire you as well. Here are my top 5 wrapping ideas discovered on Pinterest.