Instant Escape: to Paris


Last week we went to Paris. We wanted to see it through the lovers' eyes, capture its fleeting beauty, uncover its secret places, spy on its everyday whereabouts. If you are following Fairies & Co on Instagram, last week you were visiting Paris with our lovely guide, Narine. Narine came to Paris herself three years ago. First she studied Art History and Literature, later she changed to Oriental Languages. Her uncle is a film director, that's why, she says, she always loved photography. And she always loved Paris. While working on our Instagram Paris week, Narine realized that she would like to give guided private tours of her secret Paris places and combine them with photo-shootings.   

How to take pictures of happy people


I love emotions. I love lively and vivid images of people at their best. I try to capture and bring out every sparkle and every expression and here is a confession I have to make: it's hard. Sometimes very hard. I wish there was a magic spell that would turn rubber smiles and stiff poses into happy, laid-back images! When I started as a photographer my biggest question was how to help my models relax in front of camera, or better still, forget that camera altogether. Here are a few simple things that helped a lot along the way and help me still: