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Fairy Blog is a constantly growing collection of stories, recipes, ideas and masterclasses about everyday magic. If you share our belief in magic as a hidden, unseen resource of happiness that is just there, waiting to be discovered, uncovered and enjoyed, if you have an eye for life’s little miracles and omnipresent beauty, if you love creating, writing, dreaming and sharing then send us your story to fairyblog (at) fairiesandco.com.  

Fairy Blog you said? What is it all about?

Fairy postcards on the table

Let me tell you a little about Fairy Blog. When we first decided to create Fairies & Co (and this in itself was a crazy idea), Fairy Blog immediately became part of the plan. Each one of us has been blogging for quite a while, in fact, we have met through the blog! We love blogging community, we love translating life into letters and photos and witnessing how our digital inspiration and online friendship spills into real life. Contrary to the popular proverb, we believe that doing things is not really fun if we are not talking about them. Talking counts! And the funny thing about magic is the more you talk about it the stronger it becomes. So, we created Fairy Blog with an ambition to make it your daily source of fresh ideas and inspiration.