Baby in mama's hands

Mum calls me every day. She wants to know how I slept and if my lunch included any proteins. She tells me to wear a scarf and remember my gloves. She asks if the snow has melted and when will I finally buy rain boots. I used to roll my eyes and say, Muuuuum! I mean, who didn’t? Wait, she used to say, when you’ll have children, you’ll understand. I do, mum, I really do.  

New Year’s Resolutions


A few days ago I woke up with an extraordinary thought. I don’t know where exactly it came from, but it made me very very happy. My thought was this – I CAN DO ANYTHING! I mean it. All my life I was making excuses for not doing things I love because of the circumstances. Wrong job, wrong partner, wrong location, and so on. If only I could get things right, I would really spread my wings! A few days ago it dawned on me. I’ve done it! It was long and it wasn’t easy, but I got rid of

My simple autumn rules

Autumn writing

I wake up afraid that I missed it. Somehow autumn seems more important than any other season. Maybe it’s in the falling leaves, or early uncertain dawns, or growing anticipation of Christmas magic. Maybe it’s because I used to love going back to school: buying new notebooks and pens, picking new books in the library and flipping through their pages was something akin to fortune-telling. Good things happen all the time, but in autumn my faith grows stronger.  

About Time

fairy time

Have you ever noticed that time is a living thing? That you can touch it, smell it and wrap yourself in it? I hadn't until I had kids. All of a sudden, time became real. I woke up with time by my side, late at night I heard its heart beating. I indulged in its various smells ranging from chocolate-flavoured ice-creams to mango lip balm, and its yummy tastes I had never tried before. I saw it race, linger and lurk in the most improbable places. I watched it cry, laugh and feed pigeons on gorgeous squares of Venise.  

And now winter is almost over…

Montreal winter

I love winter. I love its slow, unrelenting steps. Its phlegmatic nature. Even in places where nothing ever changes, where the trees never shed their leaves, believe me there is winter. There, winter does not fall from sky in white mysterious flakes, it does not wave its flag from the roofs of sleepy cities. But believe me, winter still is, for it cannot not be. For we need winter just as we need a good night of sleep after a day of play and labour. We need its pastel colours to give our eyes a rest, to quieten our hearts,

The colours of winter magic

Winter Colours 6

Today I will tell you about colour. And about winter. As an illustrator and a creative person, I am in constant search of beautiful colours and colour combinations. I store them all on our Fairy Pinterest together with my other inspirational finds. Generally, I am a big fan of pastels, limes and burgundy, although my colour preferences change depending on my mood, time of the year, fashion and people around me. These days I am in love with winter colours. May be because winter is almost over and I am missing it in a way, may be because I am in a slow, thoughtful mood and winter colours suit me better. I want to share with you some of my Pinterest finds showcasing the gorgeous winter palette.   

Crazy Things We Do For Love

London couple

This past week I was desperately looking for a good love story to share on Valentine's day. My fellow fairy authors firmly believe that I always have a good story, but the truth is, it's hard to write something for Valentine's day. Something meaningful, something that hasn't been written before, hasn't been said and copyrighted by Hallmark, something real. So, I turned to the fairy community for help. I posted messages on Fairies & Co Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, then I repeated on my personal Facebook and Instagram accounts. Same question: What was the craziest thing you have ever done for love? Here are the answers I received. Not just one story, but many stories. Yours.  

Valentine’s is a Tremendous Idea

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Random thoughts for Valentine's day, 2004. Today is a holiday invented by greeting card companies to make people feel like crap. Joel Barish said that in the opening lines of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I like this movie. It’s all about the awkwardness and misery and particular loneliness of love. Of course, love is a lonely feeling. Love comes with a thousand fears and a hundred different pains, one more poignant than the other. Love gives to you and then it robs you. It has this particular quality to take your mind off important things, to make you act foolishly and not listen to the good advice. It affects your general mood and appetite. Love is rarely good for you. The worst thing about love, it makes you vulnerable. It bares those secrets you protect the most. Being in love is a like walking naked through the streets of the city where everyone knows you.   

Come take a walk with me

Country walk

Every morning I take a walk. It is one of my favourite rituals. I have a shower, answer e-mails, eat my breakfast, put my walking wellies on, take my camera and step out of the door. I never know where I want to go. It is not about "where". I pick a direction - north, or south, or south-west and walk. I walk through long and narrow village streets, apple orchards, cemeteries, fields, forests, past grazing farm horses and wooly sheep, past hay stacks, rivers and small lakes.  

How about some Fun and Nonsense?

Catherine's London phone

Hello Co, today we are happy to interview a sweet lady, a wonderful artist and a delightful storyteller - all this in one person! Seriously, only fairies can be that lucky. Welcome Catherine Constance - the author of Fun & Nonsense blog. A lot of people can draw, but few create their worlds with such wit, fantasy and sense of humor. "Drawing and painting is like stepping into another world. Imagine a door, take off your heavy boots, leave them on the welcome mat. Quietly turn the doorknob and push that door open, step into a world where all is possible and magic happens."