Masquerade Mood and Magic

For the masquerade-Cazadora de inspiración © Anna Tykhonova

Today Fairies & Co are excited to host an incredibly talented photographer, beautiful mum and self-made DIY expert Anna Tykhonova. We are great fans of Anna's blog and her stunning Flickr gallery. We love her ability to make things look pretty, natural and wonderfully easy.. So, get your scissors, glitter and fairy dust ready!  

Fairy flowers. Beginning

fairy flowers4

Today I will talk about flowers. Do you care about flowers as much as I do? I think it is one of the most magical, inspiring and beautiful things created by nature. There are so many different species, families and kinds of flowers on our planet! And many can only be found in one little corner of the earth. Thinking of it makes my head spin. Last year in Australia I saw wild flowers, pretty much weeds, that are considered rare and exotic in my native Moscow. Isn't it magic? If I wasn't afraid to bore you, I could go on for hours. But let's go slowly, I have planned a whole series of posts about flowers. Let's start with a couple of tips for beginners: how to choose flowers for bouquet or arrangement, and how to make them live longer.  

How to take pictures of happy people


I love emotions. I love lively and vivid images of people at their best. I try to capture and bring out every sparkle and every expression and here is a confession I have to make: it's hard. Sometimes very hard. I wish there was a magic spell that would turn rubber smiles and stiff poses into happy, laid-back images! When I started as a photographer my biggest question was how to help my models relax in front of camera, or better still, forget that camera altogether. Here are a few simple things that helped a lot along the way and help me still: