Masquerade Mood and Magic

For the masquerade-Cazadora de inspiración © Anna Tykhonova

Today Fairies & Co are excited to host an incredibly talented photographer, beautiful mum and self-made DIY expert Anna Tykhonova. We are great fans of Anna's blog and her stunning Flickr gallery. We love her ability to make things look pretty, natural and wonderfully easy.. So, get your scissors, glitter and fairy dust ready!  

Christmas memories

BR Photo Christmas.2013-11

Today Fairies & Co are proud to host the Robinson Family with their own Christmas story (yes, we just can't get enough of Christmas!). The Robinsons, a multicultural and multi-talented family, have longtime lived in Ukraine and now are making their roots in England, near Oxford. Ben works as a freelance photographer and writer, and Tanya is a stylist and enjoys felting. Their 3 kids, Emma, Yasha and Sonya are true children of the world. You can get in touch with Ben through his website and we recommend his stylish and insightful blog.