Winter Adventure and Fairy Hot Chocolate

Chilling girl and her dreams

I make pancakes every Sunday morning, sometimes even on Saturday. It's my reward after a week of routine, hurried breakfasts and bleak winter days. It's my sweet escape. Some people hike, some people make love or vacuum-clean listening to Beethoven. I make pancakes. That Sunday morning I woke up in a no-pancake-mood. Well. it happens even to the best of us. I made a nest on my wide windowsill and sat there, quiet and motionless, dreaming of an adventure. Any adventure of any kind will perfectly do for a wintery no-pancakes Sunday morning.  

2014 Gift and Fairy Plans

Fairy with envelopes

Hello there! How are you doing in this new year? We hope you're having fun, doing what you like, spending time with people you love and staying warm, especially if you live on American continent! We hope you got every gift you asked for this Christmas and, to make the season even better, we've prepared some gifts for you! Firstly, check our brand new Fairy Downloads page for beautiful, absolutely free and 100% magical downloads. We've got avatars, Facebook timeline banners, blog headers, backgrounds and desktop wallpapers, so that you can show your fairy attitude (we really like calling it fairytude) and spread the magic mood around.