Peace on earth, good will to men

Elise laughing

It is a sunless and snowless December here in Montreal and from my window the city looks like a sea of grey fog with islands of soggy red brick poking through. On the news, reports on terrorism are followed by stories about refugees and my Facebook feed is loudly complaining of the lack of Christmas mood. It is the eve of my daughter’s second Christmas and I can’t help but wonder what kind of world will she be living in.   

Our merry little Christmas

Christmas tree

My favourite Christmas story is the one of Harper Lee, the author of "to Kill a Mockingbird". How she was cold and lonely, stranded in New York for Christmas, sleeping on friends' couch and how on Christmas morning she received a priceless gift - one year worth of her salary, so she could quit her job and write her novel. I like it, because it's a piece of biography, but also a fairy tale. For years I've been dreaming that something like this would happen to me, something wonderful and unexpected, something out of the ordinary holiday routine. For as long as I remember, I spent every Christmas waiting for a miracle.  

Christmas memories

BR Photo Christmas.2013-11

Today Fairies & Co are proud to host the Robinson Family with their own Christmas story (yes, we just can't get enough of Christmas!). The Robinsons, a multicultural and multi-talented family, have longtime lived in Ukraine and now are making their roots in England, near Oxford. Ben works as a freelance photographer and writer, and Tanya is a stylist and enjoys felting. Their 3 kids, Emma, Yasha and Sonya are true children of the world. You can get in touch with Ben through his website and we recommend his stylish and insightful blog.  

Christmas inspired: best blog finds

Christmas mood

For me it was the first white Christmas in many, many years. It started snowing the day we got our Christmas tree and hasn't stopped since. In fact, it was snowing every other day, including today and every time the snow looked somewhat different. I am applying my energy to studying the kinds and manners of snow (that's just about as productive as I can get at this time of year). And do you know what I found? Snow is both an excellent motive to go out for a long and chilly walk inevitably followed by a steaming cup of mulled wine or hot chocolate and a perfect excuse to stay home, wrapped in a soft plaid, and alternate between watching movies and reading good blogs. So, here are my most inspiring Christmas finds.  

5 Creative Ways to Wrap Presents from Pinterest

Christmas gift wrapping ideas

I am sure most of us are wrapping presents or attempting to wrap presents this week. I know I am. This month I rummaged through Pinterest for new trends and uncommon ideas and, of course created a whole board dedicated to great gift wrappings. I selected several truly brilliant ideas that have inspired me and, I hope, will inspire you as well. Here are my top 5 wrapping ideas discovered on Pinterest.   

About Christmas and cookies


Christmas is all about rituals and traditions. Baking cookies is one of them. In our family there has to be at least ten different varieties on the Christmas table to satisfy all tastes. Everyone knows exactly what to pick first from the cookie plate. There are the half moon shaped vanilla kipferl, spicy gingerbread and orange-tinged saffron biscotti, cinnamon stars, Spekulatius buscuits, jam drops also called Husarenkrapfen - our family favorites, and novelties that vary from year to year.  

Come, Christmas! Simple Christmas wreath DIY

christmas wreath DIY tutorial

I've been listening to Christmas music for a week now. Moscow is still all grey and cloudy and it makes me long for winter so much more! So why don't we start with some hand-made winter magic, while Christmas mood is slowly taking over and I am waiting for the first snow to cover my city? How do you feel about a Christmas wreath? I mean, about making one this weekend? Of course, you can go and buy it on any corner, but let me tell you that hand-made things have their own special magic. And magic for Christmas is just what we need! So I really think it's time to make your Christmas wreath.  

Christmas magic from Fairies & Co

Fairy Christmas cards

Wake up! Wake up!!! Do you remember what day it is?? It's only a month, one short delicious month, a month full of tall cups of gingerbread latte, of spicy mulled wine, of sugar-sprinkled Belgian waffles, of red-as-love candy apples, of glitter-and-gold holiday shopping, of let-me-warm-your-hands hugs and last-minute trips to the post-office - one magical month before Christmas! Are you ready?!