Beautiful People with Brilliant Ideas

how ideas are born

Having a dream is tough. It's a matter of courage It demands a good deal of faith and imagination and, let's be honest, a bit of recklessness. It takes hours of work, sometimes days of sitting around, sipping coffee, fiddling with your phone, doing nothing, or so it seems, going nowhere or so it looks from the distance, sometimes getting frustrated or bored, but finally, ultimately getting excited when you find your idea. When you find it, what will you do? Will you accept it as a one-way ticket in uncertain destination? Will you embrace it with its beauty, potential and fragility and give it a chance to change your life and maybe with that change my life too?   

Twyla Tharp, The Creative Habit

Creativity is an act of defiance

Do you find it easy to live a creative life? I doubt it. Nobody finds it easy. You might find it exhilarating, meaningful, fulfilling, but never easy. I know. I am living one. And no matter how talented and energetic you are, sometimes you feel deflated. Sometimes you think that all great ideas deserted you forever, sometimes whatever you do doesn't feel good enough. What do you do in such cases? Where do you go? Who do you ask for help? One day I saw this picture on Pinterest. There was something absolutely magical about this woman, about this image. I wanted to know who she was, why she looked so peaceful and free, and how on earth she could hold that pose! So I did my research, and found out that Twyla Tharp is one of America's greatest choreographers   

The Magic of having your own Business

The magic of having your own business

Lets talk about business. No! Lets talk about Magic. Or even better, lets talk about the magic of having your own business! “There is no place for magic in business!” – I hear you say. Business is serious. If you want to succeed you have to work hard, be tough and keep your eye on the ball. You are probably right, but not quite. Let me tell you my story. I work for myself from home. I have my own business. I illustrate books for children, I do private commissions and draw fairies in what you might call my spare time.