Twyla Tharp, The Creative Habit

Creativity is an act of defiance

Do you find it easy to live a creative life? I doubt it. Nobody finds it easy. You might find it exhilarating, meaningful, fulfilling, but never easy. I know. I am living one. And no matter how talented and energetic you are, sometimes you feel deflated. Sometimes you think that all great ideas deserted you forever, sometimes whatever you do doesn't feel good enough. What do you do in such cases? Where do you go? Who do you ask for help? One day I saw this picture on Pinterest. There was something absolutely magical about this woman, about this image. I wanted to know who she was, why she looked so peaceful and free, and how on earth she could hold that pose! So I did my research, and found out that Twyla Tharp is one of America's greatest choreographers   

The Magic of having your own Business

The magic of having your own business

Lets talk about business. No! Lets talk about Magic. Or even better, lets talk about the magic of having your own business! “There is no place for magic in business!” – I hear you say. Business is serious. If you want to succeed you have to work hard, be tough and keep your eye on the ball. You are probably right, but not quite. Let me tell you my story. I work for myself from home. I have my own business. I illustrate books for children, I do private commissions and draw fairies in what you might call my spare time.   


Evgenia - Fairy Blog Author

Evgenia B., London, England. Children and Portrait Photographer.  Magic Places Editor. I am a photographer. Children photographer. I do adults too, but curiously on my pictures they look like girls and boys they used to be, like children they remain somewhere inside.   I am a traveler. I get restless when I stay in one place for too long. I love getting to know new cities. I like to walk the city alone, trying to find its tune, to touch its soul. I take pictures, I talk to strangers, I forget who I am and where I came from. When



Vira K. Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Writer. Co-founder and Creative Director of Fairies & Co. Everyday Magic editor.   Bonjour Hi! This is how people of Montreal greet total strangers. Bonjour hi, my name is Vira, I used to live by the sea in beautiful France until in May of 2013 I packed a few of my most precious possessions, took my husband and my enormous black-and-white cat, moved to the city of Montreal and discovered that a “made just for me” place exists. I speak five languages. I drift between cultures, not always sure where I belong. I dread



Svetlana K. Vienna, Austria. Food and Lifestyle photographer. Fairy Kitchen Editor.   I take great pleasure in cooking, eating, reading and even talking about food. I am happy standing barefoot in my tiny kitchen with wooden floors early in the morning blending flour, milk and farmers eggs into a thick batter to bake „early morning“ madeleines which fill our living room with warm and cosy scents of vanilla and rhum.  I am happy picking wild blackberries in Vienna Woods to make a mid-autumn crumble. I am happy shopping in small groceries to find new provoking ingredients, or sitting on



Dina Y. Moscow, Russia. Wedding decorator & florist. Magic Factory and Party Business Editor.   Hello there,my name is Dina. I am the craftlover, the dollhouse builder, the soapmaker, the scrapbooker, the do-it-all-with-your-own-hands devotee. A few years ago I almost got a PhD in political science, but my love for freedom, gardening and DIY got the upperhand and I became a florist and wedding decorator. I suppose you can call me lucky. In a lovely summer season I attend a new wedding every week! And from time to time I get to the pages of bridal magazines. My life



Catherine N. Moscow, Russia. Freelance English teacher. Fairy Childhood Editor. Whenever I am asked to tell something about myself, I keep wondering what little piece of this puzzle matters more than others. Shall I be telling you, for example, about the first cup of tea I drink every morning before anyone in my world has a chance to wake up? Or shall I indulge in the story of the types of chocolate which are right for this 5-o’clock-tea? Maybe, it would make more sense to tell you about my favourite smells of newly-printed books, of jasmine and that of



Elina Ellis, Cambridge, England. Illustrator. Co-founder and Artistic director of Fairies & Co. Fairytude Editor.   If you met my Mama… I don’t expect you ever will, but if you eventually met my Mama, she would have told you what an adorable, smiling baby I was. Always happy, friendly and bouncing, the kind of baby you’d never want to grow up. Which of course I did in spite of my mother’s wishes. Don’t you find that talking about one’s mum is a sweet, although somewhat embarrassing conversation starter? My goal in life is simple. I want to be happy.