Want to share your magic? Become a Fairy Blog author!


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Fairy Blog is a constantly growing collection of stories, recipes, ideas and masterclasses about everyday magic.
If you share our belief in magic as a hidden, unseen resource of happiness that is just there, waiting to be discovered, uncovered and enjoyed,
if you have an eye for life’s little miracles and omnipresent beauty,
if you love creating, writing, dreaming and sharing
then send us your story to fairyblog (at) fairiesandco.com.
We are always on the look for talented authors and photographers!

Do you have your own blog and think we might be friends and partners? We’re waiting for your mail!

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What do you get from writing for the Fairy Blog?
We don’t want any story, we want your story! We will not only publish your post, but tell our readers why we think you’re magic.
If you have your own blog, a website or a shop we will do our best to promote it like good friends should.
And chatty as we are, we will most probably talk about you on our social pages!
We will also be happy to return your kindness with a contribution to your website or blog (a guest-post, a master-class, a giveaway? call on us!)

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So, make sure to write us! We check our mailbox every day.

2 thoughts on
“Want to share your magic? Become a Fairy Blog author!”

  1. kiwi-vaksa says:

    Верочка, Элина! I’m so delighted, touched and melted down by your blog, your Pinterest boards, your facebook page and both your LJ blogs!
    Thank you for the kindnes, the beauty and all these miricles you bring to the world and you gift to people!
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  2. Thank you so much for such lovely and kind message. You can’t even imagine how appreciated it is!!!

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