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Hello Co, today we are happy to interview a sweet lady, a wonderful artist and a delightful storyteller – all this in one person! Seriously, only fairies can be that lucky. Welcome Catherine Constance – the author of Fun & Nonsense blog. A lot of people can draw, but few create their worlds with such wit, fantasy and sense of humor.

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Catherine is a born and bred Londoner living and creating in the South West of France. Here is her own introduction to Fun & Nonsense:

I started Fun and Nonsense when I was at rock bottom. My marriage of 20 years had came to an end. It hurt! and still does. Time diminishes pain but it never really goes away. In all things bad there are positives. You just have to look and keep an open mind. I’m naturally a happy go lucky, my cup is half full person. Life changes, crap comes and crap goes…when you’re in the crap you grit your teeth put your head down and plough on till you are out of the crap. Yes I fall apart, just a little bit and then I carry on. I’m British “stiff upper lip” just get on with it…there are people a lot worse off than me.

All that to say I started to draw and I needed/need to draw like a junkie needs a fix. Drawing and painting is like stepping into another world. Imagine a door, take off your heavy boots, leave them on the welcome mat. Quietly turn the doorknob and push that door open, step into a world where all is possible and magic happens.

Catherine Constance Fairies 2

Talking about magic, Catherine, do you believe in magic?

Oh YES I believe in magic.  Mother Nature magic is all around us, the magic of really good friends.  The uplifting magic of a smile, the magic to heal with a good giggle. The magic that is held in a hug. The magic of gazing at the moon and stars. The magic held in a story and a picture.  The magic of children and believing that all is possible, you just have to imagine and make a wish. Magic is there if you want to see it and believe it.

Can you describe what the world looks like from your window right now?

I live on top of a hillside, so I have the most fantastic view over a valley below me. A wooded area, farmland and the village on the other side. With the most amazing sunsets. Often see deer in the fields, which is really cool.

Do you remember the day when Fun and Nonsense was born?

I don’t remember the exact day but I remember being really excited about connecting with so many wonderful people all over the world.

Where do you usually get your best ideas? Is there a special place? Time?

My ideas come from nowhere and everywhere. My bumble girls came about when I saw a great big fat bumble bee buzzing round my head in the garden. He or she was bumbling about happily trying to make a spectacular landing on me. I’m sure in its bumble eyes I looked like a whooping big flower. On another occasion I was drinking a cup of tea and thought it would be funny if I found a mermaid sitting at the bottom…hence the birth of my teacup mermaids. The children I teach at school can spark some fantastic idea. There is nothing quite like child speak and some of my kids live on another planet and I get that. Usually I just start to sketch and someone or something pops out of the pages to say hello. I say hello back and we end up having a lovely chat… 🙂

Catherine Constance bumblegirl1

What is the best idea you ever had?

That is a tough question. Um ar, scratch head, pull a weird “I’m thinking face” more scratching… I really don’t know. I guess I’d have to say the one that makes me smile the most at the time. I do have some fantastic ideas at 3am in the morning but by 6am they are a bit fuzzy… 🙂

Everybody (at least everybody I know) wants to save the world. What would be your way of doing it?

Unfortunately as much as I’d love to, I can’t save the world. If I could, I’d be Mary Poppins and I’d take everyone into a magical drawing, we would all find our special balloon and fly. In the real world I concentrate on saving the people around me. I help in anyway I can. Practical or otherwise. Most times, it’s just a matter of listening. I saw a great quote recently…
“People will forget what you said,
they will forget what you did
But they will never forget how you made them feel.”
I try to make the people around me happy, even if it’s just for a moment.

What is a really good day for you?

A really good day usually involves sunshine, good food, good wine and good company and if I’m really lucky a walk along a beach 🙂 and drawing or painting something that makes me smile.

Catherine Constance Caravan

Why do you think people like Fun and Nonsense?

I think people like Fun and Nonsense because it’s just that, a little bit of Fun and total Nonsense. It’s the world we loved to live in when we were young with no cares except what was for tea and if we could stay up past 7pm.

Let’s talk about that golden time for a minute. When you were a young girl, who did you want to become?

Really showing my age now… when I was 5years old I wanted to be Lulu (the singer). I saw her once standing outside the Ritz in London. I was in my 20’s and on my way home from work. I wanted to run up to her and tell her that I thought she was fantastic…etc and then we would become bestest friends… instead I just smiled and rushed by.

Catherine Constance Lowery

And now, who do you want to be, when you grow up? And by the way, I love the  word “bestest”!

I don’t think I’ll ever grow up but these days I’m very happy being me.

And here comes the last secret question: every fairy has her magic word. What’s yours?

Sparkle with a capital SP-AR-KLE! 😀

Catherine Costance Chagall

For more Fun & Nonsense visit Catherine’s blog and rummage a little in her Etsy shop.

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  2. Catherine, it is so nice to meet you here! I loved your story. It is so real and genuine. I love your drawings too!

  3. Lovely to meet you too Elina. I’m in total awe over your drawings… 🙂
    Like your idea Marina, I’ll have to see what I can do on the t-shirt front… 🙂

  4. Polina says:

    Thank you very much – all interview is like a whole story! And so touching pictures…

  5. Yay Catherine! Awesome to see you here <3

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