What’s happening with Fairies & Co

Photo and artwork by Elina Ellis

You might have noticed that Fairies & Co have not been very active this past year. We’ve been through ups and downs, old problems, new beginnings. We have parted ways with some of our original team members and found some new friends along the way. We have done a lot of thinking and soul searching. We have asked ourselves whether we still have time and energy and ideas, whether, after all, we still believe in magic.

On the New Year’s eve I came across a Bored Panda article called “20+ Photos That Prove 2015 Wasn’t the Worst Year After All”. Those photos brought a smile on my face. None of them made it to the news, most of them didn’t even become viral on social media. Those were ordinary photos of ordinary human kindness. And I thought, just as the media are feeding us with stories of fear and violence, millions of wonderful things and little miracles go completely unnoticed. People fall in love, rhyme, brew coffee, grow flowers, bake cakes, teach children with disabilities. They love, they hug, they heal, they pray and nobody knows about it. This is so unfair.

So I made a list of people I know. They will most likely never become rich or famous, their names will never be in the news or become hashtags. Yet they move me to tears, make me laugh and gasp in wonder and, yes, believe in magic. They ARE magic. So, this year Fairies & Co will be about people. It will be about sincere, funny, sad, beautiful, extraordinary lives. This year Fairies & Co will be all about fairies with a few ideas for everyday magic in-between. Welcome to the new year, dear readers! Thank you for sticking with us.

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“What’s happening with Fairies & Co”

  1. Marina says:

    Well, finally you guys are back! I was missing you 🙂

    • Thank you, Marina! We’re sooo excited!

  2. Oh! I missed you two! It is so exciting! Really good news!!!

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