2014 Gift and Fairy Plans

Fairy with envelopes

Hello there! How are you doing in this new year?

We hope you’re having fun, doing what you like, spending time with people you love and staying warm, especially if you live on American continent! We hope you got every gift you asked for this Christmas and, to make the season even better, we’ve prepared some gifts for you!

Firstly, check our brand new Fairy Downloads page for beautiful, absolutely free and 100% magical downloads. We’ve got avatars, Facebook timeline banners, blog headers, backgrounds and desktop wallpapers, so that you can show your fairy attitude (we really like calling it fairytude) and spread the magic mood around. Download, use, enjoy, let us know what you think and, please, don’t forget to mention us in the caption or comment to the image.

Secondly, we are now working on a real mobile website! It’s new, it’s exciting and we hope that starting in spring you will be able to visit Fairies & Co, read our blog and even shop from your smartphone or tablet.

Fairy with presents

Thirdly, have huge plans for the Fairy Shop:

More fairies! In 2014 we are planning to release a new Fairy collection in addition to our Fairy Set n°1 and Fairy set n°2 with new personages and new inspiring messages. We are also working on the Special Occasions postcard set for every sweet moment of life.

More products! Besides postcards and art prints we will offer you bookmarks, letter paper, gift wrapping paper and gift tags and smartphone cases with your favorite fairies. And, of course, a new Christmas collection and a fairy calendar 2015 (something we’ve been dreaming about for a long time). Are you as excited as we are?

A better service! We are shopping around for better and sturdier packaging and little secret ingredients to make the arrival of your fairy purchase a far more magical experience than it ever was.

Hush, we should say no more! Trust us that we’ve prepared enough magic to last all year!

Thank you for being our first readers, first customers, first critics and admirers. You have helped us to live our dream and we hope that we inspire you to live yours. We are working hard on becoming bigger, better and even more magical and we are thrilled and grateful to make this journey in your company. Thank you for being our Fairies and our Co. Let’s have a magical year together!

Elina, Vira and Fairies & Co team

8 thoughts on
“2014 Gift and Fairy Plans”

  1. Polina says:

    Thank you for being with us, for this project – I have never seen anything like this. It is full of love and magic – you are full of love and magic. Stay positive and be happy with every new day:)

    • It’s very kind of you, Polina! Thank you for the encouragement! We are lucky to have such friends.

    • We are looking forward to having you over on the blog, Catherine!

  2. So sweet fairies) thx for your beautiful pictures!

    • Thank you!

  3. Iuliia says:

    О! с наростающим любопытством жду что вы еще придумали :)))))
    Немножко надеюсь, что среди календарей будут маленькие настольные 0:-), и еще неразлинеенные блокноты для зарисовок….

    • Мы постараемся!

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