Fairy Blog you said? What is it all about?

Fairy postcards on the table

Let me tell you a little about Fairy Blog. When we first decided to create Fairies & Co (and this in itself was a crazy idea), Fairy Blog immediately became part of the plan. Each one of us has been blogging for quite a while, in fact, we have met through the blog! We love blogging community, we love translating life into letters and photos and witnessing how our digital inspiration and online friendship spills into real life. Contrary to the popular proverb, we believe that doing things is not really fun if we are not talking about them. Talking counts! And the funny thing about magic is the more you talk about it the stronger it becomes.

So, we created Fairy Blog with an ambition to make it your daily source of fresh ideas and inspiration.

To remind you about the importance of being happy.

To sparkle your faith in yourself.

To help you share your very best with others.

To let you find friends, mentors, business-partners or supporters.

Yes, we know that it’s a lot to promise, but we’ve got some help!

 Fairy childhood

Happy fairy

Fairy by the pond

We asked our friends (surprise! we met them all online!) to help us with creation and maintenance of Fairy Blog and to our astonishment they all agreed. So, we are neither professional team of bloggers, nor a bunch of buddies who knew each other since high-school. We are separated by time zones, expensive transatlantic flights and different working schedules, but we believe in the same thing. And we like each other. Each one of us comes with her unique experience and personal perspective and writes about things she loves most.

So that you can find easily what YOU love most in our sea of chatter, we divided Fairy Blog into 8 themes:

Fairy News: New supplies, new ideas, new achievements, contests, giveaways and some “making of” from Elina’s and Vira’s secret atelier.

Fairy Kitchen: Recipes, stories, kitchen experiments, witty and romantic  food talk from Lana, who makes soul-soothing, heart-steering magic out of simple kitchen ingredients.

Magic Factory: Dina‘s approach to life is hands-on and practical: cut, bind, wire, glue and be happy. Most of her master-classes were created especially for Fairy Blog.

Party Business: Some people think that parties are “not a big deal”. We disagree! We think that good parties are good for the body and vital for the soul and Dina knows how to turn a party into celebration.

Fairy Childhood: Childhood is about faith, discovery and expectation, it’s about collecting the best homemade memories. Catherine lives her children’s magical time with them and shares inspiring parenting insights.

Magic Places: This is our treasure box with breathtaking views, secret passages and cozy corners of our favorite places on earth. Evgenia, London-dweller and gifted photographer, will be our guide.

Fairytude: We are having so much fun creating Fairies & Co, working our every step of the way by ourselves and learning from others! Elina shares the lessons we learned and her thoughts on the magic of owning a business.

Everyday Magic: I, Vira, consider myself a miracle fisher in the sea of everyday life. Here I hope to share some surprising (yes, even to myself!) insights about people, places, books, memories and the moments of grace.

Elina and Vira - Fairies & Co

Elina is right, Vira is left. This photo was taken on the very evening when Fairies & Co (still unnamed and very undefined) was born. And that was the only time we met in person!

Fairy Blog is made for exchange and interaction, so make us happy by adding your comments and sharing the posts you liked with your friends. You can easily sign in to Fairy Blog with almost any social network account.

Do you have your own story to share? Brilliant ideas we’re still not aware about? Then we invite you to become our author!

And please, come back often!!!

7 thoughts on
“Fairy Blog you said? What is it all about?”

  1. Наталья says:

    Какие вы все молодцы!!!! Очень рада за вас!

    • Большущее спасибо!

  2. It’s magical!
    Congratulations on the opening!

    Thank you for miracles)

    • You are so welcome!

  3. Девочки! Прекрасный блог! Хотела спросить, а планируется ли в дальнейшем выбор языка? Хотелось бы по-русски читать вас 🙂

  4. Tanya says:

    I think “Fairies and Co” is a wonderful place and a great idea. I am looking forward to read more of your inspiring articles. Good luck to you and keep writing, each story is so warm and kind.

    • Thank you, Tanya! It’s our pleasure to share 🙂

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