Christmas magic from Fairies & Co

Fairy Christmas cards

Wake up! Wake up!!!

Do you remember what day it is??

It’s only a month, one short delicious month,

a month full of tall cups of gingerbread latte,

of spicy mulled wine,

of sugar-sprinkled Belgian waffles,

of red-as-love candy apples,

of glitter-and-gold holiday shopping,

of let-me-warm-your-hands hugs

and last-minute trips to the post-office –

one magical month before Christmas!

Are you ready?!

Fairies and Co Christmas tags

At Fairies & Co we started getting ready for Christmas when the trees were innocently green and most of you were still wearing t-shirts.

And finally we are happy to introduce our very-limited-edition 2013 Christmas Fairy collection!

This year we offer standard-size postcards (packaged in sets of 6) for sending out around the world

Fairy Christmas postcards

and extra-large double cards (in sets of 3 with envelopes) for when you have a lot to say

Chsirtmas double cards

and cute little Fairy gift tags (package of 6) for adding some extra-magic to every gift

Christmas gift tags

As we usually do, in Fairies & Co 2013 Christmas collection we combined original artwork and signature taglines.

As usual, our Christmas collection is as eco-friendly as it goes, printed on our favourite post-consumer recycled Ajowiggins art paper, packaged in premium recycled-paper envelopes.

And take our word for it – this collection will never be repeated. Never! Just like this Christmas, it will always stay the one and only and one of a kind.

So, get your limited-edition fairy now and share some magic this Christmas!

Fairy holiday card

Fairies and Co Chsitmas collection 2013

Christmas with Fairies & Co

Christmas collection

Christmas postcard

Christmas card 2013

6 thoughts on
“Christmas magic from Fairies & Co”

  1. Вера, у меня не хватает знаний английского сегодня) поэтому в этот раз напишу по-русски, переводчиком не хочется пользоваться, а то вдруг коряво получится фраза, а я и не догадаюсь…

    Феи чудо! И открыточки! Очень хочу))
    Я желаю, чтобы все-все ваши феи разлетелись! Очень желаю!
    Но все-все же надеюсь, очень надеюсь, что пара наборов (новогодний и просто с феями) меня дождутся к 10 декабря))) У нас как всегда… карты переоформляют не как везде, а по особым правилам…
    Верю и надеюсь на чудо!))

    • Маша, спасибо! Фей должно хватить всем :))

  2. real magic :)) cards are wonderful, and after your post the only thing you can think about is a cup of gingerbread latte and warm hands of someone you love 🙂
    girls, you are great!!

    • Thank you! And may the season bring many lattes and at least twice as many hugs!

  3. Natasha says:

    В голове после просмотра начала играть песня “It`s the moust wonderful time of the year…” Они очаровательны!!!

    • Спасибо! Мы делали их с любовью.

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