Thoughts of the week: about being bored and lonely

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My favourite thought of the week comes from an interview by the educator and author Erika Christakis to the National Public Radio: I think boredom can be a friend to the imagination. Later in this same interview Christakis says: I think that’s very unrealistic and probably not a good idea to aspire to being comfortable all the time.

A couple of years ago I moved to a small, quiet town in the South of France. I had no friends there, no family, except for my husband, no occupations, except for an unfulfilling survival job. I felt very lonely and utterly bored. All my life I tried to escape loneliness and boredom, then they became my constant companions. Wherever I went, they went with me, whatever I did, they were right there by my side – my boredom and my loneliness. At first I feared them, then I loathed them, but slowly I got used to them.

Because I had nothing to do and no one to do it with, it didn’t really matter now I killed my time. I walked to the beach, I biked around, I smelled, I laid on the grass and watched the clouds form and dissolve in the blue sky of Provence. I started noticing things: tiny, unimportant details that people never see on the run. Then I started telling stories. At first they were short, clumsy fragments without a proper plot or ending, slowly they grew more sophisticated. I inhabited my long lonely hours with fantastic creatures. At first I told my stories to myself – nobody else was there to listen. Then I started sharing them online. I wrote my first book, then the second one. I was still bored and lonely and sometimes extremely miserable, but I was happy.

Everyone has a story of how they became their true self. Mine, surprisingly, is about being bored and lonely. It’s about befriending my worst enemies and accepting my defeats. What is yours about?

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“Thoughts of the week: about being bored and lonely”

  1. How funny… boredom is a friend of imagination… may be a bit more just a friend in my case…Well.. I am never bored.. I live with a fear it is not enough time or energy or brain or skills to get to life the ideas constantly appearing in my head. That is why it is always work to get energy, time and learning new skills or information or just dreaming.. well dreaming develops heaps more new ideas and then it is starts all over again: a fear of not having enough…:) The best thing happens what I manage to catch the tail of one or two of those ideas and actually make them real. 🙂

    • Oh! That’s exactly how I feel! I never have enough time in a day to do everything I want to do….

    • Yes, each of us has her own story of becoming her true self and mine is just one of those stories. As for me, I never knew I could write, before there was literally nothing else for me to do 🙂
      But I do think that some of our worst fears, the things that we constantly avoid, may actually prove to be our greatest resource. Just sayin’… :)))

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