The Magic of having your own Business

The magic of having your own business

Lets talk about business. No! Lets talk about Magic. Or even better, lets talk about the magic of having your own business!

“There is no place for magic in business!” – I hear you say. Business is serious. If you want to succeed you have to work hard, be tough and keep your eye on the ball. You are probably right, but not quite.

Let me tell you my story. I work for myself from home. I have my own business. I illustrate books for children, I do private commissions and draw fairies in what you might call my spare time. I also do my own book keeping, marketing, negotiating, money chasing, project managing and plenty more beautiful things every other business person does.

Elina Ellis in her office

Believe it or not, but every day of my life is pure magic! My whole working process is based on passion, excitement and some fairy dust! I LOVE my office space, my paints, my brushes, my computer, my notepads, my diaries. It is MY little universe and here – I am the Queen, the God and the Chief Fairy! I orchestrate this little world as I please and see fit! Isn’t that exciting? Isn’t that what we all dreamed about when we were kids? To rule our own world?

So, I rule my little world and I am loving it!

You see, I don’t treat anything I do as work. As far as I am concerned I am just having fun. All day long I draw, imagine, create, communicate with talented people and chase my dreams. I travel freely through my house, doing paperwork in the lounge, preparing packages for clients in the kitchen and writing books in my bedroom. I can work in the park, in the nearby cafe or even  on the beach wrapped up in warm blanket and in the company of hot chocolate in a flask.

Elina Ellis working on a new picture book

I know the secret! I understand that my business as NOT “just drawing”. I see it as a very complex and precise mechanism that can work well only if all aspects of it are managed well. If I do only drawing I will not earn a penny. If I spend all day in social media promoting myself, I will never do any work. If I ignore my finances, I will fail very quickly no mater how talented or clever I am.

So, I turn everything into a little game and a big adventure! I research, plan, organize and write everything down in my beautiful notebooks. I construct my business to fit my personality. I have learned a few tricks, I have read a few books, I have worked out a few clever solutions to make business, well… MAGIC!

Stamping Fairy envelopes with custom made rubber stamp

And I am planning to share with you my enthusiasm and all of those things I learned. Also, I will tell you stories! Fairy tales if you like, about other extraordinary people who created their very successful worlds and had a lot of fun on the way.

Hopefully, I will manage to show you that not all hard work is actually that HARD. In fact, it is not hard at all. Just sprinkle some fairy dust on! Seriously, I have plenty to share!

Fairy stamp

28 thoughts on
“The Magic of having your own Business”

  1. Мм, Элина, вы как всегда радуете) Спасибо)
    Очень интересно видеть домашнее волшебство работы)

    • спасибо! У меня дома ужасно уютненько 🙂

  2. Your working space is truly inspiring! And you are so lucky to be your own Chief Fairy 😉

    • Thank you darling

  3. I am just starting out with my own business making dolls, it’s always inspiring and encouraging to read about others who are following their passions. It’s so much fun and hard work and a big adventure isn’t it.

    • Cool! Would you like to give us a link to your site or blog. It would be great to have a look at your dolls!

  4. Iuliia says:

    Напоминает “лабараторию Санты” перед Рождеством :))) письма, письма письма….

    • Точно! А особенно под хорошую музыку и с бооольшой чашкой горячего шоколада – дух на кухне царит действительно волшебный!

    • Thank you very much :))))

  5. iulia says:

    Классный Фейпочтамт! Эля, 100%, что среди этих конвертиков есть один, предназначенный и для меня 😉

    • Обязательно!

  6. Ах, Элина, вы достигли прекрасного состояния:) у вас учиться и учиться:) тоже пробую делать работу с настроением феи:) ведь творческий бизнес без волшебства станет мрачным) спасибо за статью!

    • Большое пожалуйста. Я еще буду подробно писать о том, откуда берется это волшебство и как я его генерирую 🙂

  7. Natasha says:

    Спасибо, так вдохновляет 🙂 Мы с мамой тоже решили заняться своей сказкой дома и начали делать букеты из конфет. Пока что все в самом начале, но мы верим, что у нас все получится 🙂 А сюда я заглядываю каждый день буквально и вдохновляюсь, ну и просто отдыхаю. Спасибо, вы все просто замечательные феечки 🙂

    • ой большое спасибо! Мы очень стараемся! А Вам с мамой удачи в ваших начинаниях! И покажите как-нибудь результат ваших трудов!

      • Natasha says:

        хорошо, как нибудь обязательно) мы пока сделали только два букета, но готовим еще 🙂 покажем как побольше будет)

  8. Как здорово и вдохновительно! Очень люблю читать Ваши посты, всегда заряжают позитивом.
    Удачи и волшебных праздников!

    • Спасибочки!!! Я стараюсь :))))

  9. Yes, yes yes I want to rule my world. I’m slowly getting there. Look forward to hearing your tips and stories… 🙂

    • Great!!!! I have SO much to share. Actually, just at the moment I am sitting and organising all the information into post topics. So stay tuned! There will be plenty more to come!

  10. I am so grateful to all those links and clicks that led me here.. i’m speechless because the whole picture of own business that i kept in my mind has just changed… i am so hungry of such positive thoughts ,emotions and points of view…. thank you so much!

    • You are very welcome! Please stay tuned, there is so much more to come!

  11. Татьяна says:

    Элина, мне очень нравится ваш подход к бизнесу 🙂

  12. Diana says:

    Elina, you’ve made my day! Thank you sooo much!

    Right now I am dealing with tough time in my life – trying to find my private, satisfying way in my business life… The hardest thing I find in it is to think positive and believe in myself, to manage my own thoghts which sometimes are being very rude and do what they want with my spirit, my body, my state of mind…

    Anyway, I am very lucky that in this world I can meet people who found the way to be happy and appreciate everything they have. From my point of view this is exactly the aim of our life – to be joyful ang grateful for everything we have, despite difficulties.

    I wish you all the best! And everybody all the best, including myself 🙂 Let the world be good and nice! We have only one life…

    • Thank you very much Diana! I also wish you all the best and I hope you will find your perfect flow too!

  13. Kayla Towles says:

    Hello Elina 🙂 I am only 15 but I am currently working on ways to start up the business I would like to call “Bear’s Bakery”. One of the things that I need in order to get started on my dream and passion is a logo. I saw your cartoon polar bear and I absolutely fell in love with your style, I was really hoping you could draw up something similar for me that involves a pie. I know it is a lot to ask but please consider it. Let me know if you are open to helping me. Thank you.

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