Happy New Year!

Holiday magic

Dear friends, I’ve been trying hard to find the words for a good holiday greeting. Christmas just passed and the New Year’s eve is approaching – the time of joy for some, the time of loneliness for others. The time for turning pages and changing old habits. The time when we dare to make wishes and pray for miracles. The time when even grown-ups believe in magic.

It’s hard to come up with a good holiday greeting, without sounding too naive or too pretentious, or plain boring. So, I will make mine simple: may you have courage to believe, freedom to celebrate and a reason to be thankful.

Happy and magical new year!

Girl with Christmas gift

One thought on
“Happy New Year!”

  1. Наталья says:

    Спасибо, Вера, за ваши пожелания на Новый год) Иногда нужно услышать посыл от кого-то, который попадет в самое яблочко) Пускай Новый год будет чудесным и богатым на прекрасные события!

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