5 steps to creating great party decor

5 steps to decorate your party0

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Chances are, you are feeling like you’ve had your share of parties for now. But listen, Valentine’s is not that far away and then St. Partick and the First Day of Spring (you do celebrate the first day of spring, don’t you?!) and Mother’s day and birthdays… You see, there is always a reason to celebrate and, since there is a reason, why not celebrate in style.

So, let’s talk about the principles of good party decor. I’m a wedding designer and I use these all the time to prepare wedding receptions but they totally apply to casual party planning. I will use my upcoming birthday as example.

1. What’s your idea?

Every party starts with an idea. A typical student pizza-and-beer night is a somewhat overused party idea, right? We can do fancier than that! We can pick a theme (a flower party? a tea party? a pirate party? an Alice in Wonderland party? If you think the latter two are only for kids, you are missing out!) Or, we can pick a color (pink… red? yellow! royal blue?!) Or even choose an object (birds, crowns, fairies… We especially recommend fairies!) Your party idea will be the foundation of your party decor.

For my birthday, which happens to be in the end of February, I chose the picnic on the beach theme. I know you understand.

5 steps to decorate your party

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2. What’s your colour?

I am talking about a meaningful, well-balanced colour scheme for your decor. Of course, a non-matching napkin will not kill your party, but I do believe that the right colour creates the right mood. And besides, it will look great on Instagram!

Here is some advice:

Don’t overdo it. Two or three principal colours and a couple additional accents will do just fine.

Use ready color schemes. My favourite resource is Design Seeds. It has tons of presets, different search functions and is insanely easy to use. A word of warning: it is addictive!

For my beach birthday party I chose green, blue and beige colors. After browsing Design Seeds database for some (reasonable) time I found this beauty:

5 steps to decorate your party1

3. Use Pinterest or Google image search for inspiration.

If only life could be Pinterest-perfect, right? I absolutely love Pinterest for all those little details and inspiring photos. And you have to think really hard to have a party idea that no one ever pinned.

4. Choose decor materials that suit your theme and budget.

They don’t have to be fancy, or expensive or bought-just-for-the-occasion, they just have to feel right. For my February beach party I’ll try to avoid metal and glass, using instead light wood, paper, fabric and seashells.

Made up your mind? Go back to Pinterest and search your material – there are some amazingly creative ideas out there.

My party will look something like this.

5 steps to decorate your party3

Image via Aestthetic Nest

5. Make a collage.

You have saved all those inspiring images you found during steps two, three and four in a separate folder, right? Now make a collage. I always do!

First of all, with all my ideas on one page I can see if some don’t really fit together. Secondly, it gives me more cute ideas. Finally, it helps me imagine my future party and get excited about it.

By the way, I use Picasa.

Here is my Picnic on the beach party collage. What do you think?

5 steps to decorate your party4

Images via Pinterest

I’ll let you know how it went in February!

Get creative! Share your own ideas! And if you need more inspiration, check a wonderful Party Business board we compiled for you.

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  1. Polina says:

    Hello! Thank you very much for this interesting idea. I am not very keen on parties except being with my family but it is good inspiration for how to bring some miracle in a routine days. And beautiful photos and pictures are always good source of inspiration and mood for me. Hope we could congratulate you with your birthday when it be the right time:) (If there are too “heavy” mistakes in my english – I’l be pleased with your remarks).

  2. Awesome advice! I always think it’s important to work out a theme first so that you have a better idea of the colours!

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