Vira K. Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Writer. Co-founder and Creative Director of Fairies & Co. Everyday Magic editor.


Bonjour Hi!

This is how people of Montreal greet total strangers.

Bonjour hi, my name is Vira, I used to live by the sea in beautiful France until in May of 2013 I packed a few of my most precious possessions, took my husband and my enormous black-and-white cat, moved to the city of Montreal and discovered that a “made just for me” place exists. I speak five languages. I drift between cultures, not always sure where I belong. I dread two questions: “Where do you come from?” and “Who do you want to be?” I come from so many places and want to be so many things. I have ridiculous amount of diplomas and certificates that I never put to good use. To balance it off I have no formal qualifications for the things I truly enjoy doing: writing, running and photography.

I am attached to my family, I am attached to my friends, I am attached to cities, where I used to be and memories I left there – my heart is all over the place. I love cats and rain (yes, rain!) and the change of seasons. I love ink and paper and try to handwrite as much as possible. I boast my almost irrational love for books: bookstores are my candy shops. I love writing books too and seeing my own words printed on paper.

I love reading for pleasure and hate reading for information. I highlight beautiful phrases in the books I read. You got it right: not important phrases, not chunks of information, just beautiful phrases and delicious words. And this pretty much resumes my take on life: I try to notice, remember and share anything beautiful that comes my way (or crosses my path on its own way somewhere), anything strange, happy, poetic and wonderful. This is what I am writing about on this blog.