Svetlana K. Vienna, Austria.

Food and Lifestyle photographer. Fairy Kitchen Editor.


I take great pleasure in cooking, eating, reading and even talking about food. I am happy standing barefoot in my tiny kitchen with wooden floors early in the morning blending flour, milk and farmers eggs into a thick batter to bake „early morning“ madeleines which fill our living room with warm and cosy scents of vanilla and rhum.  I am happy picking wild blackberries in Vienna Woods to make a mid-autumn crumble. I am happy shopping in small groceries to find new provoking ingredients, or sitting on my terrace with friends, drinking wine and discussing the-best-thing-we’ve-ever-eaten. I am happy.

Nature with its huge variety of different tastes, colors and textures is my inexhaustible source of inspiration and advice. Sometimes when I´m down, I take a morning walk through the pine forest next to our flat in Vienna, breathe the fresh air, enjoy the silence, pick a few chestnuts or some pretty leaves to take home for inspiration. Inspiration to live, inspiration to cook and to relish the food given by nature. For this reason I prefer to use fresh local and seasonal ingredients, organically grown and preferably unprocessed. Knowing the origin and make-up of what we eat is a very important step in the cooking process. Remember: don´t eat anything your grandmother wouldn´t recognize 🙂 And I love the idea of growing my own fruits and vegetables even if all I have is few terracotta pots with aromatic herbs on my windowsill.

Food connects me with the past, evokes childhood memories and a sense of nostalgia. A piece of plum cake with streusel topping makes me travel in time, back to my great-grandmother, who baked the most delicious tartes and always used juicy yellow plums from her own secret garden behind the small house in town D.

Food lets me travel while I stay at home in front of the fireplace: visit remote countries, stroll through colorful and noisy bazars, take breathfulls of their exotic aromas, wander the narrow streets of Paris, sit in my favourite cafe, waiting for the best tarte au citron with peaks of snow-white meringue on top.

Food can turn an ordinary rainy November day into something magical. People I love will come to try my first chocolate cake with hot chillis and coffee cream, filling my house with happy chatter, sitting elbow-to-elbow at a big wooden table in my living room. Sharing food and wine with them will erase the rain outside and make me feel happy.

Food is happiness, it is fun, it is memories past and memories yet to be made. Food can surprise and elate, sooth or comfort and bring us together no matter where we live, what we do, how old and how different we are.

I want to invite you into my tiny and delicious world full of travel stories and childhood memories, where I will share with you my most favourite recipes and where I will try to surprise and seduce you.  Welcome!