Elina Ellis, Cambridge, England.

Illustrator. Co-founder and Artistic director of Fairies & Co. Fairytude Editor.



If you met my Mama… I don’t expect you ever will, but if you eventually met my Mama, she would have told you what an adorable, smiling baby I was. Always happy, friendly and bouncing, the kind of baby you’d never want to grow up. Which of course I did in spite of my mother’s wishes. Don’t you find that talking about one’s mum is a sweet, although somewhat embarrassing conversation starter?

My goal in life is simple. I want to be happy. Not the rich-happy, not jetset-happy, nor fab-and-glam-happy, just simply, unpretentiously, cosily, sweetly and beautifully happy. And I am pretty good at being happy! I see, I admire, I fall in love in a blink of an eye. I make sure that not a tiniest bit of the simplest magic goes by unnoticed and unappreciated. I make a fuss about spring blossoms, rusty bicycles and children’s smiles. I am an expert at good illustrated books, warm socks in front of the fireplace, morning walks, early bakery rides and late-night wine tasting in friend’s kitchen. There is nothing extraordinary about being happy. It’s an everyday affair.

I am a business-woman. I sell my art and illustrate children’s books. I work with art agencies, publishing houses and private clients all over the world. Sometime ago I traded an ordinary day-job with regular paycheck for a life for the joys and thrills (and horrors) of freelance artist’s life. I am constantly looking for new ideas and opportunities to live off my biggest passion. I share stories about my own journey, about things that keep me going and habits that help me organize my super-busy life, about people who inspire me and businesses that make difference, about way to change the lives of others and your own life. Because, hey, it’s your own life!