Dina Y. Moscow, Russia.

Wedding decorator & florist. Magic Factory and Party Business Editor.



Hello there,my name is Dina. I am the craftlover, the dollhouse builder, the soapmaker, the scrapbooker, the do-it-all-with-your-own-hands devotee. A few years ago I almost got a PhD in political science, but my love for freedom, gardening and DIY got the upperhand and I became a florist and wedding decorator.

I suppose you can call me lucky. In a lovely summer season I attend a new wedding every week! And from time to time I get to the pages of bridal magazines. My life is full of encounters, new beginnings and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. I live in Moscow, but accept invitations to work anywhere. So far I decorated weddings in Italy, Greece, Montenegro and as far as Australia. By the way, I am crazy about Australia!

I am a skirts and curls kind of girl. I love the sea. I collect ceramic birds and miniature milk jugs. I love simple pleasures of life, hot cocoa and knitted plaids, long strolls around the lake (whenever I find one), gathering chestnuts and maple leaves (and you won’t believe what one can do with those nuts and leaves!), chilling out with friends.

I believe that magic can be felt and touched, even smelt. It can be sealed in en envelope and sent over the ocean, or given to someone as a token of gratitude. My part of the blog is all about DIY and decoration ideas, but it’s a little more than that. It’s about how getting your hands dirty, sticky, wet and even scratched at times will make you a happier person. It always works for me.