Catherine N. Moscow, Russia.

Freelance English teacher. Fairy Childhood Editor.

Whenever I am asked to tell something about myself, I keep wondering what little piece of this puzzle matters more than others.
Shall I be telling you, for example, about the first cup of tea I drink every morning before anyone in my world has a chance to wake up? Or shall I indulge in the story of the types of chocolate which are right for this 5-o’clock-tea?
Maybe, it would make more sense to tell you about my favourite smells of newly-printed books, of jasmine and that of northern seas?
I may as well embark on my life journey to who I am now boring you to death and telling you hilarious or rueful stories that made me me.
Or would it be better to tell you that I can never quite make up my mind whether I shall have my fringe cut or leave it as it is? Which colour of lipstick to wear? Which dress out of 17 to put on? This is important stuff for a proper girl.
I could equally say that my two kids have changed me more in a stretch of five years than any other person attempting to do that before them; that finding your Mr. Right in life seems to me the most challenging task ever, and that I am so lucky to have found mine.
No, no, I have completely forgotten to mention that I love velvet, big wooden tables, poppies, beautiful tableware and Oscar Wilde.
Or that having strongly decided to stick to a Japanese diet for once after my sumptuous visit to Normandy and Paris, I find myself drinking the diet-prescribed black coffee with not-so-much-prescribed bar of chocolate.
Which little fact matters and which doesn’t? I will never know, I’m afraid. So, here it is as it is, life in all of its vital unimportant stuff of a fairy living in the far-away freezing Moscow with bears, her dreams, a long-eared Spaniel, a dinosaur-crazy boy, a red-haired curly girl, an artist for a husband, and her half-imagined, half-true stories for a life.