Fairies and Co products


Before placing a printing order we do throughout research and choose the most environment-friendly materials and printing methods available. Whenever possible we opt for recycled paper and eco-friendly inks. We also choose printing partners that share our environmental concerns.

Product Quality

We elaborate our products in every detail and personally supervise the manufacturing process. Our stationery is made in a high-tech printing facility in the UK on the best quality acid-free and bleach-free paper. This certainly makes the production more expensive, but guarantees the exceptional quality of our products.
We want you to know what you are buying, that’s why we add a detailed description of every product including its size, texture, visual appearance and packaging, as well as materials used.


Fairies & Co. is a young independent brand of high-quality designer stationery and lifestyle products. It is created, manufactured and sold by its co-owners Elina Ellis (conception, illustration and design) and Vira Kovalova (conception and texts).


We started Fairies & Co. by making postcards for our friends and we never lost this perspective. We do not care about mass production, marketplace and profit margins, we rather care about community, creativity and uniqueness.
Our mission is to make unique and beautiful products that reflect our philosophy and help our customers to feel happy and appreciate the beauty of life.
We are extremely serious about authorship and copyrights, we only use original artwork and texts. We encourage ideas and contributions from our customers and community members and always credit them.


First of all, we are working on expanding our stationery line in three directions: new products, new personages and new themes.
Secondly, we are working on a full-size illustrated book that will be available in electronic format and later, we hope, in a printed version.
Thirdly, we are designing interactive products: smartphone applications, interactive games and animations.
Finally, we are looking for partners to create handmade toys and lifestyle projects. We are working with handmaders and artisans who create unique jewelry, dolls, leatherware and textile.

If you have any further questions about Fairies & Co., contact us.