What’s happening with Fairies & Co

Photo and artwork by Elina Ellis

You might have noticed that Fairies & Co have not been very active this past year. We’ve been through ups and downs, old problems, new beginnings. We have parted ways with some of our original team members and found some new friends along the way. We have done a lot of thinking and soul searching. We have asked ourselves whether we still have time and energy and ideas, whether, after all, we still believe in magic. On the New Year's eve I came across a Bored Panda article called "20+ Photos That Prove 2015 Wasn't the Worst Year After All".   

2014 Gift and Fairy Plans

Fairy with envelopes

Hello there! How are you doing in this new year? We hope you're having fun, doing what you like, spending time with people you love and staying warm, especially if you live on American continent! We hope you got every gift you asked for this Christmas and, to make the season even better, we've prepared some gifts for you! Firstly, check our brand new Fairy Downloads page for beautiful, absolutely free and 100% magical downloads. We've got avatars, Facebook timeline banners, blog headers, backgrounds and desktop wallpapers, so that you can show your fairy attitude (we really like calling it fairytude) and spread the magic mood around.   

Happy Fairy Year!

First Snow Fairy

Our darling fairies, wherever you might be meeting this newborn year we want to wish you three things: may your heart always get what it desires, may your path always lead to a place you can call home and may your every morning be the beginning of a new magic. Have a wonderful, joyful, sweet and surprising year!  

The First Magic Giveaway results

Fairy card

Hello! Two days of silence on the Fairy Blog felt like eternity.Did you miss us? We certainly missed you! We have so much to tell you! About the first snow that fell this week on Moscow and Vienna and Montreal, about winter comfort foods and Christmas mood and magic of doing what you always wanted to do, about... No, wait, not now! Later, later... Now let's see who will be the addressees of our sweet fairy packages. Are you ready?  

Christmas magic from Fairies & Co

Fairy Christmas cards

Wake up! Wake up!!! Do you remember what day it is?? It's only a month, one short delicious month, a month full of tall cups of gingerbread latte, of spicy mulled wine, of sugar-sprinkled Belgian waffles, of red-as-love candy apples, of glitter-and-gold holiday shopping, of let-me-warm-your-hands hugs and last-minute trips to the post-office - one magical month before Christmas! Are you ready?!  

The very first magic giveaway! – CLOSED

Apple pie postcard

Hello there! Today is our fifth anniversary, which means that Fairies & Co has been in existence for full five days! Yes, we're still at an exciting stage, when every day, every reader, every comment and every "like" counts. And quite honestly, I hope we will never outgrow it! I love the idea of never growing up. In these five short days we have received over 5,000 visits to our website, 980 likes on Facebook, our Instagram community has grown from zero to over 700 members and our mailboxes have been overflowing with messages of love, appreciation and support. We know that it's the start of a very long journey, but what an inspiring start and what a joy to be making this journey in your company! Thank you for joining the Co! And here comes another emotional moment: OUR FIRST EVER MAGIC GIVEAWAY!!  

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Fairy Blog is a constantly growing collection of stories, recipes, ideas and masterclasses about everyday magic. If you share our belief in magic as a hidden, unseen resource of happiness that is just there, waiting to be discovered, uncovered and enjoyed, if you have an eye for life’s little miracles and omnipresent beauty, if you love creating, writing, dreaming and sharing then send us your story to fairyblog (at) fairiesandco.com.  

Fairy Blog you said? What is it all about?

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Let me tell you a little about Fairy Blog. When we first decided to create Fairies & Co (and this in itself was a crazy idea), Fairy Blog immediately became part of the plan. Each one of us has been blogging for quite a while, in fact, we have met through the blog! We love blogging community, we love translating life into letters and photos and witnessing how our digital inspiration and online friendship spills into real life. Contrary to the popular proverb, we believe that doing things is not really fun if we are not talking about them. Talking counts! And the funny thing about magic is the more you talk about it the stronger it becomes. So, we created Fairy Blog with an ambition to make it your daily source of fresh ideas and inspiration.