Colourful Easter DIY

1 Easter - Cazadora de inspiración © Anna Tykhonova

It's finally springtime! In two short weeks we will enjoy Easter holidays and if your home is not yet decorated with bright colours and joyful ornaments, don't waste another minute! Here is a quick and easy DIY that you can do with kids and have some fun in the process.  

Masquerade Mood and Magic

For the masquerade-Cazadora de inspiración © Anna Tykhonova

Today Fairies & Co are excited to host an incredibly talented photographer, beautiful mum and self-made DIY expert Anna Tykhonova. We are great fans of Anna's blog and her stunning Flickr gallery. We love her ability to make things look pretty, natural and wonderfully easy.. So, get your scissors, glitter and fairy dust ready!  

Fairy flowers. Beginning

fairy flowers4

Today I will talk about flowers. Do you care about flowers as much as I do? I think it is one of the most magical, inspiring and beautiful things created by nature. There are so many different species, families and kinds of flowers on our planet! And many can only be found in one little corner of the earth. Thinking of it makes my head spin. Last year in Australia I saw wild flowers, pretty much weeds, that are considered rare and exotic in my native Moscow. Isn't it magic? If I wasn't afraid to bore you, I could go on for hours. But let's go slowly, I have planned a whole series of posts about flowers. Let's start with a couple of tips for beginners: how to choose flowers for bouquet or arrangement, and how to make them live longer.  

St Valentine’s Day Ideas and Inspiration

Ideas for St Valentine's

Can you believe it's almost February? Which means St Valentine's day is already lingering in the distance winking and blowing us kisses. It is one of my favourite days of the year. There are lots of things worth celebrating, but love should be on the top of the list. It's hard to come up with something original for St. Valentine's, but I diligently rummaged Pinterest for cute ideas and inspiration and look what I found.  

5 steps to creating great party decor

5 steps to decorate your party0

Chances are, you are feeling like you've had your share of parties for now. But listen, Valentine's is not that far away and then St. Partick and the First Day of Spring (you do celebrate the first day of spring, don't you?!) and Mother's day and birthdays... You see, there is always a reason to celebrate and, since there is a reason, why not celebrate in style. So, let's talk about the principles of good party decor. I'm a wedding designer and I use these all the time to prepare wedding receptions but they totally apply to casual party planning. I will use my upcoming birthday as example.  

5 Creative Ways to Wrap Presents from Pinterest

Christmas gift wrapping ideas

I am sure most of us are wrapping presents or attempting to wrap presents this week. I know I am. This month I rummaged through Pinterest for new trends and uncommon ideas and, of course created a whole board dedicated to great gift wrappings. I selected several truly brilliant ideas that have inspired me and, I hope, will inspire you as well. Here are my top 5 wrapping ideas discovered on Pinterest.   

Every fairy needs wings: simple wings DIY


It doesn't really take much to be a fairy. Fairies come in all shapes and sizes, all colours (blond, brunette or ginger) and any dress. A fairy can wear a coat with lots of pockets or a cotton dress with old fashioned lace or modest jeans with a knitted jacket. It's not the dress that makes the fairy. But something else does. There is one thing every fairy absolutely needs... Every fairy needs wings! I should even say that every fairy should have more than one pair of wings: snow-white angel wings for Christmas, bright elven wings for casual summer parties and tiny invisible wings for everyday use.  

Come, Christmas! Simple Christmas wreath DIY

christmas wreath DIY tutorial

I've been listening to Christmas music for a week now. Moscow is still all grey and cloudy and it makes me long for winter so much more! So why don't we start with some hand-made winter magic, while Christmas mood is slowly taking over and I am waiting for the first snow to cover my city? How do you feel about a Christmas wreath? I mean, about making one this weekend? Of course, you can go and buy it on any corner, but let me tell you that hand-made things have their own special magic. And magic for Christmas is just what we need! So I really think it's time to make your Christmas wreath.