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Evgenia B., London, England.

Children and Portrait Photographer.  Magic Places Editor.


I am a photographer. Children photographer. I do adults too, but curiously on my pictures they look like girls and boys they used to be, like children they remain somewhere inside.


I am a traveler. I get restless when I stay in one place for too long. I love getting to know new cities. I like to walk the city alone, trying to find its tune, to touch its soul. I take pictures, I talk to strangers, I forget who I am and where I came from. When I come back I feel new and a little surprised and happy. One day I’ll travel around the world, taking pictures of strangers along the way. Perhaps.


I am a people lover. I like watching the early crowd on the tube, their faces full of childish expectation. I like sitting in a cafe, staring at strangers as they pass by, imagining who they are, what they like to do and who they love.


I am a dreamer. I read books in the train on my way to work listening to Frank Sinatra and Norah Jones. I dance when no one is watching. I use Internet to look for beautiful pictures.


I am a mum. I have two little sons, funny, curious and very talkative chaps. We learn, we play Princess and Knights (I am the Princess as you might guess:), we grow together in every sense. All parents do. We travel places. Sometimes we go somewhere I love, sometimes we go somewhere new. My boys make me see things, they make me change angle, they offer me new perspective.

Yes, I am a London addict. I know no other city so splendid and so full of life, despite its low grey sky and annoying rain (sorry, Vira-the-rainlover!). This city has many faces, it’s young regardless of age. It is my soul place, my place of inspiration.

These are some things I will write about. See you here soon:)

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London for Lovers


I love London. And so do film directors. It's like no other city. Every borough has its own face, its own crowd and mood: unapproachable, aristocratic Mayfair, bright and joyful Notting Hill, young and wild Camden, modern chic Canary Wharf and stylish Shoreditch. There is a perfect setting for any story. Really! This Valentine's, just for fun, I have put together a little collection of beautiful places from my favourite LLM (London Love Movies). Here they are:  

How to take pictures of happy people


I love emotions. I love lively and vivid images of people at their best. I try to capture and bring out every sparkle and every expression and here is a confession I have to make: it's hard. Sometimes very hard. I wish there was a magic spell that would turn rubber smiles and stiff poses into happy, laid-back images! When I started as a photographer my biggest question was how to help my models relax in front of camera, or better still, forget that camera altogether. Here are a few simple things that helped a lot along the way and help me still:  

London, my soul mate


I am sitting on the doorsteps in the heart of Chelsea waiting for my clients. I am a photographer and thanks to my trade I move a lot around the city in search of new beautiful locations. I am holding a large Starbucks latte in one hand and a raspberry muffin in another. I am wearing flat soled ballerina shoes and a blue dotty scarf. This is a common londoner's looks: ballerina shoes all year round and a scarf for when it gets colder. Places where we live change us, ever so slightly. London prompts me to stand in queue even when I am alone on a bus stop. And to wear scarf and mittens instead of coat in autumn - they are easier to hide in my bag when sun appears unexpected. And to grab a coffee whenever I locate a coffee shop. And to consider the tube the best city transport ever – no one in London goes to work by other means. London taught me to smile to strangers