About Fairies

Do you believe in MAGIC ?
In ordinary magic,
everyday magic,
simple-like-an-apple-pie magic?

The kind of magic that can be found any-where by any-one
(that’s why we call it ANY-DAY magic).

That magic that grows in your flowerpots with rosemary and thyme,
sleeps in your kitchen cupboards on the bed of vanilla-sugar,
hides in your knitting basket,
waits pressed between the pages of your favourite bedtime book.
Magic that sometimes looks like a dry maple leaf,
like a hand picked meadowsweet bouquet,
like an orange raincoat,
like a familiar handwriting,
like your favourite summer tea in your favorite blue cup.
Ah, this magic…
By the way, if you don’t mind us asking, do you believe in FAIRIES ?

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