About Co

At Fairies & Co we believe

that every day can be the happiest day of your life,
that life is made of moments to savoUr, laughs to share and joys to remember,
that miracles happen even on gray and magicless days,
that sometimes a kind wish is all we need.
We believe that things that make us happy are more important than things that make us sad.
Most of all, we believe in magic : in happiness that inspires us and in beauty that we create.

Of course, at Fairies & Co. we believe in fairies, so we try
to give every fairy a fair amount of ideas and supplies for everyday magic
to make the world a lovelier place – one fairy at a time
to bring fairies closer by helping them share their magic
to make fairies happier with gifts for no occasion
to put every and any magic idea into action!
Did we mention that by fairy we mean YOU?!

SO, visit our shop for fresh supplies:
calendars, agendas and more...

Or visit our blog for new ideas
tips, inspiration,
contests and giveaways……

Or go ahead and right away join the co!

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